Steve Baltes and Stefan Erbe

Baltes Erbe

Steve Baltes and Stefan Erbe.

About Baltes & Erbe

Baltes and Erbe are excellent musicians with a particular passion for
exceptional electronic music. Both artists have created over the past
decades unique sounds, and have found each other in 2014 for the
project together. Here are each of them maintains its character in the
new compositions in order to create something unique: even s-thetic!

Steve Baltes music is extremely complex, across genres and of high
quality. His musical past and the future is marked by the diversity of
its numerous projects. As a member of Ashra, Deep Voices, Arctic
Sunrise or with Stefan Erbe, his intention is to create the "real"
beat and some powerful sequences, find the deepest bass and some
endless sound-elements wishing seemingly never ending.

Stefan Erbe belongs as an artist for the next generation of pioneers
of electronic music. His sound is universal, often cosmical but always
melodic and catchy. His lead sounds are intensed and equipped with
sonorous variations, his piano is always unique and his drums very
playful. Erbe constant urge for change and renewal culminates after
more than 20 years in the joint, working with Steve Baltes.